The Celsis Approach

Celsis Global Coverage

Global Coverage

With over 800 installations in 65 countries, Celsis is the undisputed industry leader.

Faster Product Release

Faster Product Release

Shorten your production cycle, reduce the cost of manufacturing and free up working capital.

Industry Leader

Industry Leader

The world’s best companies rely on Celsis to maintain their operational efficiency.

The Celsis Approach

The Celsis Approach

Easy to implement from initial rapid methods assessment to validation to implementation.


The Celsis Approach is designed to work with your organization at every step of the decision making process and transition to rapid methods to ensure that your products are fully validated and that you are fully implemented by testing and releasing products using Celsis. Testing and releasing your products faster is the only way to realize the significant financial benefits that rapid methods can offer your growing business. 

Having been in rapid methods business for over 20 years, we know the landscape is littered with instruments that have promised the benefits of rapid methods, but are now gathering dust in many facilities after unsuccessful attempts at validation and implementation. We’ve always known that to be successful, we needed to approach rapid methods differently.   

Celsis is the only company dedicated solely to rapid detection methods for industrial applications. We have evolved our approach by truly partnering with manufacturers to deliver maximum value at all stages of the production cycle. This entails working with a multi-functional team within your organization to assess the financial benefit of adopting a rapid method, establish implementation and validation parameters with benchmarks and support continued growth.

The Celsis Approach:

Assess the financial and operational savings for your organization

Whether you are a global manufacturer with multiple manufacturing sites around the world, or a company with a single site manufacturing facility, the first step of the Celsis Approach is completing the Financial Impact Assessment with the inputs provided by the Rapid Methods Team (consisting of members from QA/QC, Operations, Supply Chain and Finance). If this assessment proves beneficial, we will look at your current microbiological testing process and work with your team to establish implementation benchmarks and milestones.

Install the system and train your staff

Assuming there are quantifiable financial benefits to adopting a Celsis system for your operations, we would want a commitment from you to move forward at this stage and we will develop an implementation plan. This action plan includes placing a Celsis system at your site, full IQ, OQ and staff training coupled with Celsis technical and validation support, both on- and off-site. We also help design a validation process to fold directly into your existing testing protocols to make the transition to our rapid method as seamless as possible.

Release products while freeing up working capital

As you transition to fully utilizing Celsis to test and release your products, you will begin to see the inherent value of rapid methods:

  • Less inventory, including safety stock
  • Improved cash flows from releasing finished products faster
  • Reduced working capital requirements to run your facility
  • Faster response times to changing customer supply chain requirements

The list goes on. If you have a single site or multiple facilities, we will work with your team to help develop and roll-out Celsis utilization prioritized by the highest volume products first to generate the greatest financial and operational benefit to your organization.

Finally, Celsis is committed to ongoing customer and technical support as you continue to develop new products, line extensions or product upgrades. We have a dedicated validation services lab, as well as relationships with leading contract labs around the world. The Celsis Approach means the partnership never ends. We are here to maximize the financial benefit to you of using our systems.    

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