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Article: Rapid Product Release Testing for Contract Manufacturers

Shortening your production cycle time with rapid microbial screening offers significant financial benefits for you and your customers.

We encourage our contract manufacturers to use Celsis. We can provide the validation data, the methodologies and [our] experience, and they can reap the rewards."

— Neil Lewis, Procter & Gamble


Reduce turnaround times and compete on more than price.

Competitors can offer low pricing to pique the interest of your customers. But in this hurry-up world, you can create a sustainable advantage with faster turnaround time.

If your facility manufactures and/or packages consumer products that are typically free of microbiological contamination, holding goods for 3-7 days while waiting for test results is inefficient and costly. Especially if the results are negative for contamination the vast majority of the time.

In contrast, a Celsis rapid detection system tests for bacteria, yeast and mould in 24 hours, so you can release all of your customers’ in-spec production quickly.

Celsis systems are being used by increasing numbers of contract manufacturers, co-packers and contract labs, including many serving some of the biggest names in the industry, from P&G to Unilever Foods.

The benefits for CMs are many

Forward-looking contract manufacturers have adopted Celsis systems to take advantage of a number of quantifiable benefits. While not all may apply to your situation, there are likely one or two that could make a difference to your bottom line.

  • Customer Responsiveness: Faster testing means faster product release and faster time to market for your customers.
  • Shorter Cash Cycle: Fewer production days means products ship faster and, therefore, customers can be invoiced sooner.
  • Advanced Warning: Potential contamination events are detected within 24 hours, even for mould, making corrective action and recovery faster and less costly.
  • Warehouse Space Reductions: Free up days’ worth of customers’ quarantined inventory—plus the warehouse space it consumes—increasing your capacity for additional business.
  • Operational Savings: Implementing a Celsis system generates an average savings of $500,000 per facility in the first 5 years.

Find out what you can save

Controlling costs and operating more efficiently are priorities for everyone in the manufacturing value chain. Contract manufacturers can reap these financial benefits while creating the sustainable, competitive advantage of faster turnaround time with a Celsis system.

A customizeable Financial Impact Assessment is available to project the value to your CM business from implementing a Celsis system. Learn more about the financial model or contact us to request a free, confidential report.

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