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Significant Savings
with Celsis

Leading companies choose Celsis to cut days from their production cycles and reduce manufacturing costs. In the first five years, most companies realize a savings of more than $500,000 per facility.

The Financial Impact of Celsis on Your Company

Project your company’s cost savings over the next five years with a customized Financial Impact Assessment. The average customer saves more than half a million per facility.

Operate like the leaders; get your safe products to market faster. It’s what Pepsi, FrieslandCampina and Darigold do.

These companies are leaders for a reason. They chose the world’s best rapid absence/presence screening system for the Dairy, Beverage & Food industries to release safe products days faster than with traditional methods.

Already using a rapid method? Looking for more innovation? Ease of use? Wish your system had better reporting capabilities, remote access to results, more up time? 

For more than two decades, companies who can benefit from a fast, absence/presence microbial screening for packaged food, beverage and dairy products have preferred the reliable, repeatable and retrievable results generated by their high-throughput Celsis systems to confirm they are shipping safe products to market. 

Celsis rapid detection systems eliminate the need for plate incubation, allowing you to release product days faster than with traditional methods. Plus, with our advanced software and 5-day-stable reagents, you get maximum uptime and reliable results every run.

Why market leaders care about saving time

Saving testing time means a significant reduction in the cost of goods, which can make your company more competitive and successful.

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