Faster Product Release

Celsis Global Coverage

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With over 800 installations in 65 countries, Celsis is the undisputed industry leader.

Faster Product Release

Faster Product Release

Shorten your production cycle, reduce the cost of manufacturing and free up working capital.

Industry Leader

Industry Leader

The world’s best companies rely on Celsis to maintain their operational efficiency.

The Celsis Approach

The Celsis Approach

Easy to implement from initial rapid methods assessment to validation to implementation.


Leaner Manufacturing: Shorter Product Lead Times and Lower Inventories.

The Celsis rapid detection system allows Pharmaceutical, Home, Beauty, Dairy, Beverage and Food companies to cut days from their production cycles and inventories which significantly reduces costs all while enhancing control over product quality.

By confirming product quality significantly faster than traditional methods, product moves more quickly and efficiently into distribution. In the event of a contamination, you can accelerate corrective action and get back on track sooner.

Celsis technology is also the fastest and most reliable rapid method available. For bioburden screening in Home and Beauty and Pharmaceutical applications, Celsis can confirm the absence of micro-organisms, including mould, in just 24 hours. 

Think about it. Each day of your production cycle has a cost. 

Each day of your production cycle has a cost.

Eliminating days from your production cycle decreases product lead times; reduces inventory and the working capital that was necessary to fund that inventory. Key financial metrics improve — fewer days of inventory; increased inventory turns; increased return on working capital.

Screening products faster with Celsis results in:

  • Leaner production cycles and product lead times
  • Reduced work-in-process, finished goods and safety stock inventory requirements
  • Decreased working capital needs
  • Access to the information needed to isolate or quarantine a contamination event
  • Enhanced response to changing customer supply chain requirements
  • Sustainability improvements through reduced lab waste, water and power consumption

The chart below provides an illustrative example that compares the inventory requirements of traditional microbial methods versus the Celsis method. By reducing micro hold time, a Celsis system shortens your production cycle, reducing the cost of manufacturing, and freeing up significant working capital.

The numbers speak for themselves. 
A typical plant investing in a Celsis rapid detection system sees an average 5-year net present value of $500,000 for micro limits and more than $1 million for sterility testing, with a return on invested capital in just 6–9 months.


Case Study: How Celsis Rapid Detection Systems Provide Operational Benefits to Unilever

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Celsis helps CoValence Labs cut five days of cycle time

Case Study: Faster Product Release Meets Demands of Global Markets

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