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From a responsiveness point of view, Celsis allows us to eliminate contamination before it spreads through the whole plant."

— Neil Lewis, Procter & Gamble


Reduce your operating costs by more than $500,000 in the first five years.

Has your company looked everywhere in the supply chain to streamline processes, including your Quality Department? Adding a rapid primary test for microbial contamination can contribute an average savings of more than $500,000 per plant in the first five years. 

The $500,000 payback proof

Think about all the time you spend waiting for test results. The raw materials, in-process, or finished goods that must be quarantined take up valuable space and tie up working capital. It requires you, your contract manufacturers, or your distributors to maintain significant safety stock. When you can test and release goods faster, the entire production process becomes leaner and more cost efficient. 

The chart below shows typical cost reductions and return on invested capital for a company that performs 50,000 rapid tests per year at a single facility. In the first five years of implementation, the average Celsis customer saves more than $500,000 per facility.

typical cost reductions and return on invested capital for a company

With a Celsis rapid detection system, your company gets the information you need to make a product release decision quickly, so you can reduce warehousing, inventory and working-capital requirements, be notified of contamination incidents faster and improve your company’s overall profitability.

Calculate your savings

A Celsis Financial Impact Assessment with your business-specific data can project the value of implementing rapid detection for your organization. The graphic output is based on easily available financial information you provide, such as the daily value of finished goods, number of products tested and the days products are held in quarantine. The resulting Impact Assessment is specific to your company, confidential and yours to keep.

Contact Celsis to learn more or to request an Impact Assessment to calculate your savings.

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