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Significant Savings
with Celsis

Leading companies choose Celsis to cut days from their production cycles and reduce manufacturing costs. In the first five years, most companies realize a savings of more than $500,000 per facility.

Free Customized Financial
Impact Assessment

Project your company’s cost savings over the next five years with a customized Financial Impact Assessment. The average customer saves more than half a million per facility.

Top companies release products to market faster while reducing costs. You can too.

Tide, Suave, Dove, Downy, Lux, Colgate, Ponds, Estee Lauder, Chanel... these are top brands for a reason. They use Celsis, the world's best rapid microbial detection system for Home and Beauty products, to get definitive microbiological test results quickly. 

Reduce costs in your supply chain with the proven, lean quality solution used by the world’s top brands to release raw materials, in-process goods and finished products from micro hold in as few as 18-24 hours.

If the personal care, home care, cleaning and cosmetics products you manufacture are typically free of bioburden, implementing Celsis will enable up you to:

  • Free up warehouse space by reducing inventory and safety stock
  • Increase working capital by reducing the number of days products are held
  • Improve market and customer responsiveness by shortening the production cycle
  • Get earlier notice of contamination with faster, less expensive recovery time
  • Support your sustainability goals by reducing lab waste, water and energy consumption

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