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Customer Testimonials

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"A post-installation review of the system has confirmed to us that RapiScreen has met our needs, and in some areas exceeded our expectations. It will deliver the savings we identified, particularly in respect of reducing work in progress and its associated storage."
—S.I. Green, Quality, Wyeth
We were able to go from holding product for two, three, or four days to 24 hours. It has a direct impact on costs and cash availability. From an inventory point of view, being able to release product in 24 hours versus 72 or even 96 hours is a big benefit.
—Neil Lewis, Global Technical Leader Microbiology Delivery, Procter & Gamble

"We were able to eliminate four days of wait time on finished goods. Using Celsis, we streamlined our manufacturing cycle so our clients can deliver their product to market faster."
—Pete Vlcek, COO and VP of Operations, CoValence Laboratories

"We were able to shorten the process cycle so we had [not only] savings of time, but also warehouse space."
—Rod Manwill, Director, QC, Sage Products

"The AutoSampler [integrated with the Celsis Innovate] provides us with a high volume, rapid and efficient testing system for our dairy products. It not only allows us to meet our custoemr demands more effectively, as we can release product sooner, but also ensures our product quality and safety. The varcode reader provides a perfect track and trace system for our controlled samples. In addition, we have found that the AutoSampler has a lot of flexibility as it is able to run test samples from different packaging designs, including cartons of varying volumes, bottles and coffee mile cups."
—Dr. Johan Roeygens, DC Quality Control, FrieslandCampina

"We introduced the new Celsis software and [AMPiScreen] advanced reagent kit to achieve shorter cycle times."
—Miek van Loon, Janssen Pharmaceutica

"Using Celsis, we now get results in one to two days, rather than three or four days. Since the technology allows us to get micro results in half the time, we are able to release products and ship products pretty much as needed."
—Mark Entrup, USA Corporate Microbiology, Kao Worldwide

"Bringing the Celsis system in house has not only enabled our Quality Control department to complete their tasks quicker, it has also had a direct and positive impact on the customer service CoValence strives to deliver."
—Pete Vlcek, COO and VP of Operations, CoValence Laboratories

"Quality Assurance, including testing for microbial contamination, is an area often overlooked when drug manufacturers implement Lean. This is a mistake, and RMM can reduce lead time significantly. Celsis made the point that its system can reduce testing time from three to five days down to 18 hours. That would allow manufacturers to release product faster and reduce inventory levels."
—Phil Emard, President, OpEx, Inc.

"[The use of Celsis] has also reduced our warehouse space significantly. That is, instead of having to produce and then stockpile, the technology allows us to produce as orders require."
Mark Entrup, USA Corporate Microbiologist, Kao Worldwide


"Now that we know we can reproducibly detect yeast and mould with AMPiScreen in 24 hours it’s expanded our ability to test certain raw materials with Celsis that we did not test before."
Deidre Mitchell, Microbiology Development Manager, Unilever
"With the use of AMPiScreen, when something's positive it's really positive. There's really no interpretation necessary. That's a real benefit."
Deidre MitchellMicrobiology Development ManagerUnilever
"Using Celsis, we now get results in one to two days, rather than three or four days. I also liked the science behind Celsis, and it was already very well-proven at the time."
Mark Entrup, USA Corporate Microbiologist, Kao Worldwide
"The technology has been out there and Celsis has done a great job improving the technology over the past few years."
Steve Allard, Quality Services & Microbiology, Amway
"The FDA's positive view of our initial validation plan was enough to convince skeptics within our company's quality department that RMM deserved further attention. The two-tiered approach with RMMs is extremely effective. Ninety-five percent of the time, our products tested negative for contamination and we could release those products within 18-48 hours. For the five percent of cases where we found a positive reading, we would need to revert back to traditional testing methods for end product release. This way, we only had to delay release on a very small percentage of our products."
Rich Boehler, Microbiology Group Leader, Leading Pharmaceutical Company
"Milk Link is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest standards in product quality. Celsis' rapid testing system is part of the process to help ensure these product standards, at the same time as providing us with a quick and efficient testing system."
Mike Overfield-Collins, Group Technical Manager, Milk Link
While ATP bioluminescence has been around for years, Celsis has revolutionized the [testing] process. Procedurally, the speed and efficiency it offers is advantageous to our lab."
Chris Bierman, P&G Research Centre, Procter & Gamble
"The Celsis technology is a reliable and efficient method for quickly screening sterilised food products. It is a state-of-the-art tool in the quality management at Van Den Bergh, where it is used routinely for microbial quality control and product release."
André van Zuijlen, Oss, The Netherlands, Unilever - Van den Bergh, Nederland
"The Celsis rapid microbial method is very important... enabling us to reduce the incubation time of sterility testing so we can faster deliver products to market."
Bart Moens, Validation Expert, Specialty Lab, Schering-Plough (Merck)



"The new Celsis software allows us to more efficiently manage test results from our complex operations; thereby allowing us to ensure the highest standards of product quality for our customers. It is also compatible with our LIMS system, allowing for efficient data transfer to our quality assurance testing database."
Mary Kamm, Director of Research & Quality, Byrne Dairy
"One reason we selected Celsis is that it provides pass-fail results, and we can set it up to define what the pass-fail will be."
Mark Entrup, USA Corporate Microbiologist, Kao Worldwide

"My advice to a company that is hesitant about adopting rapid methods would be: it's not as tough as you think. The instrumentation is easy to qualify, the methodology is easy to validate and the results are reliable."

Rod Manwill, Quality, Sage Products
"For Smith + Nephew, Corby, the change to rapid testing methods has proved a great success. In the microbiology laboratory, the testing techniques have proved easy to use and technician training has proved easy to accomplish, even where the new technicians have no formal training in microbiology."
Shelby Allan, Smith & Nephew
“The implementation was smooth. Celsis has a ‘tried and true’ validation process and they provided us with a lot of technical support and guidance….You always have to consider the regulatory environment. That’s where we had a lot of confidence in Celsis.”
Steve Allard, Quality Services & Microbiology, Amway


"If you are able to take one method and apply it across a range of products then you end up standardizing and simplifying the operations."
Neil Lewis, Global Household Care Microbiologist, Procter & Gamble
"Having less lab waste to recycle is a big savings."
Rick VanDellenSustainability Program ManagerAmway
"The environmental savings [of the Celsis system] have been a great benefit, and one that exceeded our expectations."
Rick VanDellen, Sustainability Program Manager, Amway


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