Waste less. Test more. Reduce your negative environmental impact.

You’ve heard of the “lean lab,” but what about the sustainable one? Celsis rapid detection systems do more than save companies time and money.  Our systems also reduce waste and support your sustainability goals.

“The environmental savings [of the Celsis system] have been a great benefit, and one that exceeded our expectations.”
— Rick VanDellen, Sustainability Program Manager, AMWAY

Consider this:

How much would you save by switching to a single broth for all of your testing, and using only a fraction of that on a typical day? Your lab could significantly reduce the amount of media you have to make on a daily basis, with results that include:

  • Reduced non-recyclable waste
  • Reduced janitorial costs for removal
  • Reduced use of autoclave, which also reduces water and energy use
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Multiply this by all the testing you do in a week, a month and a year, and you can see how significant the results can be. Contact Celsis to learn more.

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