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Shorten Production Cycles and Free Up Working Capital

Learn why the Celsis is the rapid method of choice for leading pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide.

From a responsiveness point of view, Celsis allows us to eliminate contamination before it spreads through the whole plant."

— Neil Lewis, Procter & Gamble


Shorten product hold times and cut inventory down to size. Your savings will add up quickly. We can prove it.

Your company has looked throughout the supply chain for opportunities to streamline and save money. Yet one often-overlooked area is micro testing. With a rapid detection system from Celsis, you can safely release products days faster than traditional methods.

Shorter cycle times typically result in savings of more than $500,000 for an average plant in the first 5 years. For sterility testing, it is well over $1 million. Imagine bringing these savings to your company.

The $500,000+ payback proof

Think about the impact of waiting for test results. Quarantined materials and finished goods take up warehouse space and tie up valuable working capital that could be better invested elsewhere. Extended production cycle times dictate higher safety stock requirements. When you can test and release goods faster, the entire production process becomes leaner and more cost efficient.

Within the first five years of implementation, the average Celsis customer saves more than $500,000 per facility.

Micro-Limits Testing Savings

The chart above shows the typical cost reductions and return on invested capital for a company that performs 50,000 tests per year at a single facility.

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Pharmaceutical companies can see the positive results in their bottom lines with Celsis. Read what our customers are saying.


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