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Operational Value from Faster Product Testing

Learn how operational savings are achieved by process manufacturers who screen their products for microbial contamination using a Celsis system.

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Leading pharma companies are getting products to market faster without compromising safety or quality. Are you?

Reduce hidden costs in your supply chain with the proven, lean quality solution used by some of the world’s leading Pharmaceutical manufacturers.

If the Pharmaceutical products you manufacture typically test free of bioburden, a Celsis rapid detection system will help you:

  • Decrease working capital requirements by reducing investments in quarantined inventory and safety stock
  • Improve market and customer responsiveness by shortening the production cycle
  • Get earlier notice of contamination and respond faster, minimizing cost
  • Free up warehouse space by reducing inventory and safety stock
  • Support your sustainability goals by reducing lab waste, water and energy consumption

Celsis’ rapid detection system screens for the presence of contamination in as few as 18-24 hours for microbial limits testing. Recent sterility research proves the Celsis AMPiScreen assay reliably confirms the absence (and detects the presence) of microorganisms, both aerobic and anaerobic, in less than half the time of the compendial sterility test.

Pharmaceutical companies like Janssen, GSK, Abbott, Novartis and MSD/Merck understand the value of Celsis, a recipient of the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award for Rapid Detection in the Pharmaceutical industry, and a multiple recipient of Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s Top 100 Supply Chain Projects Award.

Gain the same competitive advantage enjoyed by these industry leaders. Contact Celsis today.

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