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Flexible systems to test all, from OTCs to sterile products.

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Home & Beauty

Rapid micro results in just 24 hours for bacteria, yeast and mould.

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Dairy & Beverage

Rugged, reliable and easy-to-use rapid systems speed testing.


Reduce costs and release products faster with a rapid micro system designed for your industry.

Process manufacturers have unique challenges when it comes to product quality. Testing for microbial contamination is an important step in assuring product leaves your facility free of unwanted bacteria, yeast and mould. Yet traditional microbiological detection methods take time. Time considered wasteful by lean manufacturing organizations.

Rapid micro testing from Celsis helps companies release product faster

Celsis rapid micro systems are a lean quality solution that give you the test results you need to release product quickly. Only Celsis rapid micro systems have definitive mould detection in 24 hours so you can get products out the door fast.

The secret to faster product release: Celsis.

For 20 years, Celsis systems have been helping companies worldwide screen product for microbial contamination. With installations in more than 65 countries, and a global network of service and support partners, Celsis is uniquely qualified to work with companies of all sizes who want to reduce the delays and associated costs of lengthy micro-hold times.

Industries served: Pharmaceutical, Home, Beauty, Dairy, Beverage and Food; plus contract manufacturers and packagers for above.

Take days out of your production cycle.

With faster results from rapid microbial testing, companies reduce the time products must be held in quarantine. Less warehouse space is needed. And because products are produced and shipped faster, inventory and safety stock levels can be lowered. This reduces the cost to manufacture, while improving customer and market responsiveness.

Rapid micro detection is best for process manufacturers who generally expect their products to be free of microbiological contaminants. It is a fast, yes-or-no, absence/presence primary micro screening assay that gives you the actionable information you need to:

  • Release product to market faster or
  • Take action on a potential contamination in your plant

Adopting a Celsis microbial testing method helps you go faster, safely.

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