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The most widely used and reliable system for rapid microbial screening just got better! Introducing the new Celsis Advance II™ system from Celsis, the number one provider of rapid microbial screening.

As the world’s leading innovator in rapid methods, Celsis Advance systems are used globally by leading manufacturers in the Pharmaceutical, Home and Beauty industries. Celsis systems deliver quality assurance results in just 18–24 hours, enabling you to rapidly confirm the quality of your product and quickly release to market. This in turn, trims days from your inventory requirements and production cycle times, reduces warehousing and working-capital requirements and improves your company’s overall profitability.

With over 20 years of experience in providing rapid microbial screening solutions to industry, the Celsis Advance II system is built to provide added functionality and even greater ease-of-use features.

New Advance II system features include:

  •   Broader access to data
  •   More intuitive software interface
  •   More comprehensive data analysis and trend reporting
  •   Enhanced system security
  •   A fourth injector option, and more.

The new system has been designed to run the same protocols and is calibrated to generate the same results as the current Advance system. There is no product revalidation required for sites upgrading from the older Advance platform. Installation Qualification and Operational Qualification protocols have been developed to seamlessly manage system transfers.

The Advance II system provides complete and automated control over testing protocols, data analysis and archiving. Security features provide data integrity as well as system and records security in accordance with the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 and the European Union’s Annex 11.

Additional updates include:

Remote Access: A new, secure ‘Remote User Option’ allows monitoring of product quality testing results from multiple locations and includes full access to a suite of data analysis tools for running queries, reports and data trending analysis from a local or remote network location.

Data Analysis: Advance II provides a powerful suite of tools to manage data archiving, results analysis and reporting including remote user capability. Users and remote users can:

  • Quickly query results to find specific data based on multiple criteria
  • Design and generate graphs for easy data trending analysis
  • Customize and print reports
  • Preview reports on screen as they are built to see the impact of customizations
  • Export reports to common file types such as *.txt, *.csv and others

Fourth Injector Capability: The Advance II ships standard with three injectors but with the option of a fourth injector that gives the system additional flexibility to incorporate new reagent technology.

Validation and Security: Advance II.im has been fully validated on Windows 8, 7 and XP.  The software allows users full compliance with the requirements of the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 and the EU’s Annex 11. User access and data integrity are securely maintained by the system and a log file records user actions for the lifetime of the installation.   

One Click Desktop Lock Out for Added Security: In addition to the option of locking data once the run begins, users now have the ability to lock the application with a single mouse click in order to ensure that the run is uninterrupted.

Reagent Positioning: Users of the older Advance will appreciate that the reagent holders are now located on the side of the instrument for greater flexibility and ease of use.

New User Interface: The software utilizes a familiar top-ribbon and drop-down menu design similar to Microsoft Office programs for intuitive, ease-of-use. Reagents levels are easily monitored with a color-coded graphic display that’s on-screen all the time along with workload timer and temperature.

On Screen Help: Get improved help information at the touch of a button. A comprehensive topic-based and searchable help file provides on-screen instructions for performing routine tasks as well as detailed information about a range of topics from software customization to user administration.

Instrument Enhancements: While the Celsis Advance luminometer has been an exceptionally rugged and reliable instrument, the new Advance II promises even better performance with upgrades to instrument efficiency of operation, flexibility and robustness including:

  • Active Cooling: An active electronic thermo electric cooler improves energy efficiency and responsiveness further contributing to consistent temperature control.
  • Passive Temperature Control: Achieved through a rearrangement of electronics and improved component isolation, which contributes to more consistent temperature control.
  • Cuvette Chain Roller: The chain is now elevated onto rollers which reduces wear on the instrument floor.
  • USB Ports: Serial ports have been replaced by USB ports for up-to-date universal connectivity.
  • Modular Electronics: The use of modular electronics simplifies service, customization and upgrading.
  • Stepper Motors: Used instead of Servo motors to provide improved chain movement precision.

Have a question? Contact a Celsis representative today, to find out more about the Advance II system.

Proven rugged and reliable systems, plus dedicated global support, have made Celsis the industry standard for leading manufacturers around the world.

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