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Dairy, Beverage & Food Industry Solutions

Celsis Innovate SystemIt’s no surprise that the earliest adopters of rapid methods are among the world’s leading food and beverage companies, including Unilever Foods and FrieslandCampina.

These brands are trusted worldwide and they have trusted Celsis since the 1990s to help keep their markets growing and their customers safe. The Celsis system is a great fit for packaged dairy, food and beverage products where there is a low expectation of bioburden.

Instrument & Software

At the heart of the Celsis system is the Celsis Innovate luminometer. This rugged yet sensitive instrument was designed by Celsis to deliver definitive results quickly, so you can release your safe products to market faster.

Reagent Technology

The Celsis primary assay is a simple yet definitive absence/presence screening that gives you the information you need to safely release the vast majority of products quickly.

Products We Test

No other rapid method covers the range of products and applications we can test. The Celsis system is flexible and easy to use, even with hard-to-test product types.

Innovations for Rapid Detection

As an ISO-certified manufacturer, we make regular investments to improve our instrumentation, software and reagent kits. You won’t find a company more committed to mutual success than Celsis.

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