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Celsis Innovate luminometer

At the heart of the Celsis system is the Celsis Innovate® luminometer. This rugged yet sensitive instrument was designed by Celsis to deliver definitive results quickly, so you can release your safe products to market faster.

Definitive, objective results are generated in <1 hour following a preliminary incubation period. It is easy to operate without the need for extensive training.

The instrument measures the light output of the reaction and the software presents results in a color-coded table or graphical view.

The Innovate is a bench-top instrument with high system throughput.  Three variable-volume reagent injectors improve accuracy, reduce sample handling and increase flexibility, so you can combine multiple batches or protocols in a single run.

Celsis Innovate™ system demo

How the Celsis Innovate system is used to quickly screen dairy, food and beverage samples for microbial contamination so companies can release their safe products to market faster. Overview of unique features like multi-user database and onboard reagent cooling unit that make Celsis Innovate the system of choice worldwide.Learn how easy it is to quickly screen dairy, food and beverage samples for microbial contamination.
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Product highlights

  • High system throughput and offline incubation
  • Small footprint conserves valuable counter space
  • Multi-tasking automation enables assay preparation while the system is in use
  • Simultaneously tests multiple samples on a single microtiter plate
  • On-board reagent temperature control and reagents formulated for extended stability enable the reagents to be used on the system for up to 5 days
  • 3-hour monthly maintenance protocol
  • Instrument cooling unit ensures consistent, reliable results by reducing heat buildup in instruments that run 24/7
  • Robotic auto-sampling increases testing throughput in high-speed, high-volume operations

"Celsis is a reliable and efficient method for quickly screening sterilised food products. It is a state-of-the-art tool in quality management, used routinely for microbial quality control and product release."

— André van Zuijlen
, Unilever

Instrument specifications

Width x height x depth / 13 x 10.6 x 16.9 inches / 33 x 27 x 43 cm

37.5 lbs / 17kg

Part number
Part number 220050
Voltage 110 or 240V
Hertz 50 or 60Hz

Innovate.im Software

Software highlights

  • User-friendly system includes on-screen support and a color-coded graphical interface
  • Automated data capture and storage from the Innovate luminometer
  • Robust system administrator capabilities with customizable security settings
  • Secure, remote access to your Celsis systems and test results from a central or remote location
  • Integrated database lets users store, sort and query results data; export to common applications including Excel and Access
  • Multi-user database simplifies reporting from multiple Celsis instruments
  • Statistics functions allow users to set dynamic thresholds

Software specifications

  • Currently available in English and German
  • Validated on Microsoft® Windows® operating systems
  • Compatible with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements
  • Sample results overview:

    Innovate.im software screenshot










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