Pharmaceutical Solutions


Pharmaceutical Industry Solutions

Quality by Design, PAT and other initiatives are designed to help companies get their pharmaceutical products out the door more quickly without sacrificing safety. Celsis rapid detection systems are designed to help companies do just that.  

Click the links below to learn more about Celsis systems from our specially formulated Health line of reagents to the rugged yet sensitive luminometer. All Celsis systems include the outstanding support of the global Celsis team.

Celsis Advance II System

A rugged yet sensitive rapid microbial screening system that delivers definitive results quickly, so you can cut days from your production cycle and reduce working capital requirements. Now with added functionality and greater ease-of-use.

Celsis Accel System for Pharma

Celsis is proud to announce the new Accel System for Pharma, a rapid microbial screening system designed specifically for small to medium-size Pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Reagent Technology

Our Celsis Health reagent kits are specially formatted for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. From screening raw materials and work in-process to releasing finished goods, the Celsis system is a great fit for pharmaceutical products, including over-the-counter, unit doses, generics and blockbuster brands, where microbial contamination is an unexpected event.

Products We Test

A Celsis system can give you definitive results in 18–24 hours for micro limits testing; seven days or less for sterility testing, on wide range ofall types of materials, so you know that your raw, in-process or finished goods are within spec and ready for release.


Product validations for use of the Celsis system have been approved by regulatory agencies worldwide.

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