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Our Celsis Health reagent kits are specially formatted for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. From screening raw materials and work in-process to releasing finished goods, the Celsis system is a great fit for pharmaceutical products, including over-the-counter, unit doses, generics and blockbuster brands, where microbial contamination is an unexpected event.

The Celsis AMPiScreen assay is a simple, yet definitive, absence/presence microbiological test that gives manufacturers the information they need to safely release the vast majority of products in a timely and cost-effective manner. For companies whose products are typically free of contamination by micro-organisms (bacteria, yeast and mould), the Celsis rapid microbiological testing system saves time and reduces costs significantly.





Celsis AMPiScreen Health

Celsis AMPiScreen is the latest development in adenosine triphosphate (ATP) bioluminescence, the industry standard for the rapid microbiological screening of consumer and health products. The standard ATP bioluminescence assay uses the enzyme luciferase to catalyze the consumption of microbial ATP, which produces light.







ATP is present in all living organisms, so if microbiological contamination is present, the reaction moves forward and the light can be measured on a luminometer.

The Amplified-ATP method is not constrained by the finite amount of ATP in cells. It uses a proprietary, microbial enzyme-catalyzed reaction to overcome this limitation. After just 25 minutes, the amount of ATP in the sample can increase 1000-fold, making it readily detectable in a shorter period of time using the traditional luciferase reaction.

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